Water Wells

What we do

We started the water wells project in 2001, and have constructed over 1220 water wells in remote villages. Each tube well we drill supplies safe, fresh and clean water for 50 to 100 families and their animals too.

A team of people from our organization travels to the villages and surveys for the most need. Then, according to available resources, they drill water wells, fix hand pumps, and place concrete around the well. At the same time, a plaque is placed beside the well with the donor’s name and a Bible quotation.

How you can help

Thousands of villagers are suffering because of dirty water which they take from small ponds, lakes, and brooks. This water is mixed with tree leaves and roots. During the summer time, children and adults have to walk a long way to get a small pot of water for their families and their animals. This polluted water causes many people to suffer with diseases and sometimes they die. In India, 70% of the population live in a village and there are about one million villages.

Please help and make a donation or sponsor a child today. Thank you.

Your contribution will make a real difference:

  • Not make a difference and help ensure villagers have clean water to drink. It costs £620 / $1200 /€ 900 to construct a water well.
  • Each year we drilled more and more new water wells. Help us drill more and give the gift of clean water.

Our Goals

We have high hopes and expectations for the future.

  • Continue to drill water wells. We need your help to do this, please donate

Our goal is to change these children’s lives by giving them the resources and the tools necessary to have a better future.