Free Mobile Medical Clinics

What we do

We provide medical care for those in need, including:

  • Free mobile medical clinics
    In 2008 we launched the Free Medical Camps and Mobile Medical Clinic project, which consists of a medical doctor, two nurses, a supervisor, a driver, and an ambulance. This medical team provides free daily medical help for leper colonies, and visits poor villages, our orphanages and our handicapped home.
  • Free artificial limbs and spectacles
  • Helping to organise and run mega medical camps for free
    With cooperation from government officials, we help organise and run mega medical camps in which thousands of people are treated for free. (Over 7000 people received free medical assistance during the ‘Super Specialty Mega Free Medical Camp’ in which we participated.)

How you can help

Please make a donation today and make a difference to those in need of medical care, but unable to afford it. Thank you.

Your contribution will make a real difference:

What your donations can do:

  • £2410 conducts a Super Specialty Free Medical Camp which would benefit between 5,000 – 10,000 people.
  • £482 to conduct a free village medical camp which would benefit between people.
  • £650 provides injured individuals with artificial limbs. This is the cost of an artificial leg.
  • £625 provides spectacles to 100 poor aged people.

Our Goals

We need to continue our important work to provide free medical assistance to needy people. We plan to:

  • Setting up and running a 50 bed Grace Hospital in Khammam, India.
  • Continue to provide free medical assistance to those in distant villages, those in our orphanages and in our handicapped home, with our mobile medical clinic.
  • Continue to be involved with the organisation and running of mega medical camps.