Sustainable Food & Living Sources

What we do

As an organisation we are totally dependent on the kind and generous donations we receive from individuals as we receive no funding from the Government.  As our on-going needs continue to rise and we are caring for more and more orphans and destitute people we wanted to make the charity self-sufficient.

With the help of some very kind benefactors we have built our own chicken farm and planted our own rice fields.  This not only creates work in the community but enables us to provide our own eggs and rice at meal times and therefore feed more and more people.  Each day we need about 2500 kilos of rice to feed everyone

How you can help

We would like to be truly self-sufficient and extend our rice fields and chicken farm.

Your contribution will make a real difference

Our Goals

We have high hopes and expectations for the future, and our goals include:

  • To purchase more rice fields to continue to feed our community we support
  • To employ more people to farm the fields and the chicken farm