Education Programme

What we do

We have built numerous and various types of educational establishments for the benefit of orphans and needy children in the community, including the Grace Mission School (for children of primary and secondary school ages), Nursing School and the Grace Vocational School

These establishments provide quality education to orphans and needy children and ensure that these children have the opportunity to realise their dreams. For example, in our Grace Mission School we have 850 children receiving a quality education. We are also an important source of employment for communities and enable qualified teachers and staff to provide for their families for example, in our Grace Mission School we employ around 60 people including teachers, helpers, tutors, and drivers.

We have also built vocational training institutions, such as a Nursing School, and a Grace Technical School for Boys.

How you can help

Please join us in this great work and enable us to continue giving a quality education to orphans and needy children, and to give them a better and hopeful future. Perhaps you or your organisation is willing to support a specific school for a few years?

Your contribution will make a real difference:

  • We are privileged to be able to provide quality education to thousands of children in primary and secondary education and  young adults in vocational training. We need your help to continue to meet our financial responsibilities to these children. To run and maintain just one school we need £3000 /$4000 /€3400) every month.
  • Not only do we provide an education for every child, we also provide a school uniform, two pairs of shoes, books and school bags. At the same time we are providing essential employment opportunities for the local communities we serve.
  • We have no financial support from the government to help to operate our education institutions.

Our Goals

We have high hopes and expectations for the future, and our goals include:

  • Complete and develop our Slum Children project, giving support and education to over 1000 needy children.
  • Provide our own education institutions from nursery school age all the way through to degree level. Currently, we teach up to secondary school level and provide vocational training. We plan to teach up to the 11th and 12th grades and to offer a three year bachelor’s degree college programe.
  • Build a Grace Technical School for Boys, for those who are finishing their High School Diploma in our orphanages.